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Hosting a Bay Area Holiday Party on the San Francisco Bay

The most important part of any holiday party is the planning. If you’re starting to look at Bay Area holiday party venues for your business or your friends and family, it’s best to book early to have lots of time to plan. Make your event easy by booking a cruise with Luxe Cruises & Events.

What Makes a San Francisco Bay Cruise So Exciting?

The novelty of a San Francisco Bay cruise party is just one aspect that will interest your guests. Whether you go out for a brunch party or an evening sunset cruise, it’s something different. The atmosphere takes the party to a whole new level. At Luxe Cruises, we handle all the planning and food, which lets you have more time to spend with your guests. You won’t be tired when the party starts from making sure everything is ready to go. After the party, you aren’t bothered with clean-up. It’s an easy evening for you. You’ll wow your guests with minimum effort.

Tips For Hosting a Cruise Party

Planning a party on a yacht isn’t much different than planning a party at another venue. You’ll want to set your budget and have an approximate guest count before you charter the boat. Our event planners take care of every detail about your party. We can even help you come up with a theme if you don’t have one.

The menu often sets the tone for the party. A three-course dinner is more formal than a buffet. A sampling of hors d’oeuvres served throughout the night works well for a longer party so no one goes home hungry. Take care of your guests by remembering to be sensitive to their needs. Think about food allergies or dietary restrictions that need accommodation.

Start planning early by setting a date for the party and booking it soon. Everyone on the guest list can make sure to get it on their calendar as soon as possible. The holidays get busy, so you want everyone else to have time to arrange their schedule, too.  

Plan Your San Francisco Bay Cruise

A Bay Area sunset cruise is a great way to host your next party. The luxurious atmosphere, the beautiful skyline views, and a fine dining experience on board one of our luxury yachts is just the ticket to make you the “host with the most.” Contact us to make plans for your holiday party now.

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