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Get on a Bay Cruise and Soak in the Sights of the San Francisco Bay

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination, whether you live in the city or visit. If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to see the city, consider a Bay cruise. Looking back at the cityscape is a view that you’ll never forget. You’ll be able to see dozens of the best sites while enjoying the soothing water of the Bay. Here are a few ways to enjoy the Bay on the ocean. There are three ways to enjoy SF on the Bay.

Alcatraz Tours

You can take a cruise to Alcatraz Island where you can get out on the island and explore it on foot. Then you take the boat back to the pier. Once you’re on the Island, the National Park Service offers free tours by park rangers or volunteers. Along the way, you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and a few other sites. The ferry ride itself is pretty short, just about 15 minutes, so you won’t be on the water very much.

Ferries – From One Point to Another

Ferry rides take you from one pier on the Bay to Sausalito or Tiburon. A ferry ride is inexpensive and less than 60 minutes, so it’s a nice way to catch new views of the city, but you do need to watch the time tables. You can even rent a bike to get back across the Golden Gate Bridge instead of going by water.

Bay Tours Let You See More

The best way to be out on the water is a Bay cruise on a yacht. While many people rent out yachts as Bay Area wedding venues or for parties, you can also book a yacht cruise around the Bay for a couple of hours to enjoy the scenery and to relax. You choose the time you want to cruise. A cruise as the sun is coming up gives you a beautiful way to watch the sunrise. But a sunset cruise is just as memorable. Choose the afternoon to see all the sites from the yacht. Choose a public cruise on a holiday or get a group of your friends and family together for a special cruise to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or engagement.

The Best Bay Cruise for Special Occasions

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