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How and When to Hold a SF Holiday Office Party

The Best SF Holiday Party Venues are with Luxe Cruises & Events

Even though the much-cherished end-of-year holiday season isn’t quite “around the corner” it is time to start planning your holiday office party now. Not only does holding a holiday office party require time for planning and coordination, but it is also critical to act now to secure your best venue from among the many potential Bay Area event venues

When Do You Start to Plan a Holiday Party 

It is important to start as early as possible. Start planning in earnest at least two months in advance of your targeted timeframe.  The more time you have to plan and prepare, the more time you will have to make the event successful. It is especially important to have time to book from the best SF holiday party venues.  

When to Hold Your Holiday Party 

The holiday weekends are typically crowded, so avoid them. Early December and early January may offer times that are less filled with competing events. You can even pick a date mid-week that offers fewer conflicts for your attendees. By scheduling wisely and booking well in advance you can obtain your choice of the best Bay Area holiday party venues

How to Plan Your Holiday Party 

First, start by determining a targeted timeframe/date and time. Second, decide what type of event you want to have. Third, develop a budget for the event and make sure that all the elements of the event are included. Fourth, select and book your venue. This is the most important element. Choose from the best Bay Area event venues because a great venue can make your event distinctive and memorable. And fifth, plan your menu, entertainment, and decor.

Tips For Choosing the Best SF Holiday Party Venues 

  1. Make sure the venue is convenient and accessible for most attendees. And ensure adequate parking. 
  2. Consider the size of possible SF holiday party venues. The venue should fit your needs; not too large and not too small. 
  3. Look for something unique like a luxury yacht cruise of the SF Bay. Get away from the typical hotel ballroom, sports bar, or banquet hall. Give your employees something to remember fondly for years to come. 
  4. Examine the food, beverage, and catering options. 
  5. Understand the logistics of the venue and be aware of any limits and policies that the venue may have. 

Why Choose Luxe Cruises and Events 

Luxe has been planning and designing exceptional celebrations and special events on San Francisco Bay for two decades. We offer exceptional service and detailed event planning, and we service 19 ports around the Bay. Luxe Events is a great full-service solution to host a memorable holiday party.

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