Hosting a holiday party for employees or a celebrating special anniversary with the board, you can’t go wrong with a San Francisco dinner cruise.

Private Yachts Make Excellent Bay Area Holiday Party Venues

Find the Best Bay Area Office Holiday Party Venue!

Great venues go a long way toward making corporate holiday parties and retreats successful. That’s especially true if the venue is a unique one — like a yacht. Keep reading to find out why a yacht is a great choice for your next corporate event’s venue.


Buying a yacht is expensive. Renting one to host a corporate event doesn’t have to be. By working with a flexible yacht company like Luxe Cruises, you can find an option that fits your company’s budget. Luxe Cruises offers a number of Bay Area office holiday party solutions at various price points.


Traditional holiday party settings like bars and restaurants can be nice, but yachts bring a level of prestige unmatched by most other options. The optics are useful for both throwing a good party and polishing your company’s reputation: Being able to say your company took its employees on a yacht is impressive whether you’re talking to prospective employees, clients, or investors.


Private yachts bring all the amenities of a bar or restaurant while providing a unique setting with gorgeous views. For instance, a San Francisco Bay yacht charter will let your guests enjoy breathtaking scenery on the yacht’s deck and access all the food and drinks they could want. Yachts also come in many sizes, letting you select an option that has enough room for your guests.


Many yachts, including those run by Luxe Cruises, come with excellent food options. For instance, Luxe Cruises has an in-house chef whose menus include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free selections. We’ll work with you to create a customized menu that fits your event and wows your guests.


To keep your guests comfortable, choosing an option that delivers privacy is helpful. For instance, at a bar, other customers wandering into your gathering could be distracting. But by selecting a yacht, you’ll be picking an option where uninvited guests literally won’t be able to enter your party.


Planning a corporate event involves many tasks, but Luxe Cruises can take lots of weight off your shoulders. Because we have event managers on staff, we’re able to help you take care of every detail, making for a stress-free, rewarding experience for you and your party’s guests.

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As you assess Bay Area holiday party venues, Luxe Cruises would be glad to tell you more about what yachts have to offer. Get in touch today.

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