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What Features Do You Need in a Holiday Party Venue?

Choosing SF Holiday Party Venues to Remember

Real estate agents have a saying that the most important thing for people to consider when purchasing a house is “location, location, location.” The same is true when considering SF holiday party venues. Should you rent a ballroom? Reserve space at an upscale restaurant? Bring your holiday celebration to the open water with a San Francisco Bay cruise?

You also need to consider how far people are traveling for the event and whether the venue you select has adequate parking to accommodate them. Choosing a location near an airport and hotels is handy if you expect several out-of-town guests.

Seating Capacity and Food and Beverage Minimums for Each Venue

Before you put a deposit down to reserve a venue, make sure that it has enough space to hold all invitees and their spouses or other guests. No one enjoys sitting shoulder to shoulder with others, even if they are co-workers. They also don’t appreciate having to shove their way through a crowd just to get to the bar or restroom.

Most professional venues enforce a food and beverage minimum to ensure the event is profitable for them. You will end up with a lot of wasted food and drinks if the minimum is high compared to the number of people expected to attend.

Company Budget

The longer you wait to book a holiday party venue, the more you can expect to pay to reserve it. Be sure to make your reservation early to avoid not being able to rent the first venue on your list. You do have some bargaining power if you are willing to be flexible on dates and times. Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday nights are prime time for these types of events to take place.

Services Provided

Paying for a venue means you have the freedom to leave the logistics to someone else. However, you should always read the contract before signing and offering a down payment to ensure that you know what to expect. For example, does the venue provide chairs, tables, and linens? Does it assign a clean-up crew once your party is over? Can the venue provide its own catering, or would you need to arrange it separately? These are all important questions to ask.

Consider Yacht Rental in the Bay Area for a Unique Holiday Experience

Luxe Cruises and Events offers holiday-themed cruises with dinner and drinks included. We invite you to contact us to learn more about each of our six luxury yachts and then choose the perfect one for your company’s upcoming holiday party.

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