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Hosting a Successful Party on a Bay Area Yacht Charter

When you host a party, you want everyone to be amazed by the decorations, the music, and the food. Make your next party unforgettable with a San Francisco Bay yacht charter. Here’s what you need to know about planning a party on a yacht.

SF Yacht Charter Steps to Success

Select a Theme

Even if you’re hosting a corporate event, selecting a theme for the party can really help you set the stage for a great party. A tropical beach party will feel more casual than a 1920s Speakeasy theme. If you’re celebrating the holidays, that can be theme enough. Let your guests know what the theme is, so they can feel comfortable. At Luxe Cruises and Events, we can decorate the yacht to fit your theme.

sf yacht charter casino theme

Choose the Food  

A Bay Area yacht charter wouldn’t be the same without some great food. Decide if you want to offer a selection of hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening or if you want to select breakfast, lunch, or dinner items. Brunch cruises are quite enjoyable. Our chefs can create a menu around the theme and time of day that will absolutely wow your guests. Don’t forget to include a selection of beverages for your guests. Include a dessert for casual and formal events. Guests might enjoy a selection of fresh-baked cookies at brunch, but for a formal dinner party, we can make an elegant lava cake served to each guest or cut a cake that honors someone’s birthday or anniversary.

sf yacht charter menu

Make a Guest List

A guest list is one of the most important aspects of any party. You don’t want to leave anyone off, but you also want to make sure your venue can host everyone. Your guest list may change as people RSVP, so find a way to manage this list so you don’t forget anything.

Select the Right SF Yacht Charter

Yachts come in various sizes, so make sure you choose a yacht that can host your guest list. At Luxe Cruises, we can host an event with 10, 50 or even 300+ guests. Our SF yacht charter team is here to help you have the party no one will ever forget. Cruising around the Bay is a great way to enjoy the landscape. You may see wildlife that you won’t get to see on land. Our team handles setup and cleanup. You act as host or hostess. It couldn’t be easier. Contact us today to start planning your event.

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