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Avoid Another Boring Corporate Event with a San Francisco Bay Cruise!

It’s that time of year to think about holiday parties. If you’re looking for something different and out of the ordinary, a San Francisco Bay cruise might be just the ticket. Here’s why.

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Yacht for Your Corporate Event

Ocean Views and a Terrific Sunset

A San Francisco Bay yacht charter gives you access to Instagram-worthy photos for your party. Enjoy the ocean and the sunset or take a look across the Bay at the downtown coastline. The fresh air might be a bit nippy, but everyone can enjoy the great ocean aromas and take in the outdoors instead of being forced to sit through another boring evening in a banquet room.

No Banquet Catering

Tired of hotel food or boring banquet caterers? On a yacht charter, our team creates a specialized menu for your group. We can handle hors d’oeuvres, lunch or dinner, and dessert, along with food allergies and specialized diets. We believe in offering a unique menu with excellent service to make all your guests happy.

Dedicated Space for Your Party

You and your group will be the only ones on the yacht for your holiday party. You can relax and enjoy the evening knowing that there won’t be any party crashers. Your team will have VIP-service on a yacht like they’ve never imagined.

Event Planning Crew

If you want to host the party without worrying about the details, you won’t go wrong on a charter yacht. We have a dedicated event planner who takes care of the planning. When you come on board, our crew handles everything. You just stand back and take the credit. We have years of experience in making wonderful holiday parties to keep your guests entertained and well-fed. We can handle all types of ideas for your holiday party, even if you host it after the New Year to give your team more time to enjoy the holidays with the family.

A Unique Setting

Change up your regular holiday party with a different location. A yacht is a luxurious experience that everyone will get excited about. Instead of a board room where they might get bored, your team will connect on a different level. 

Contact Luxe Cruises and Events – San Francisco Bay Cruise

If you’ve looking at special Bay Area holiday party venues, make reservations for a your corporate San Francisco Bay cruise event by contacting Luxe Cruises and Events.

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