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Should You Plan a Big Wedding or a Smaller Intimate One?

San Francisco Wedding Venue for Small or Large Weddings

During the pandemic, small weddings were on trend. Now that people are not as worried about social distancing, you can certainly hold a larger wedding, but you do need to consider what suits you and your partner. Some of the best wedding venues in San Francisco work well for both large or smaller weddings. Here are some things to think about before deciding on a small, intimate wedding or a large, celebratory party.

What’s Your Social Vibe?

Do you like big parties or are you the one at the party that prefers to socialize with one or two people the entire night? A small yacht wedding may be the celebration that fits you If you prefer quality over quantity. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a huge crowd to celebrate your nuptials. It’s just a different scene. If you enjoy being in the spotlight, a big wedding is just the ticket.

How Much Personalization Do You Want?

A smaller wedding allows you to DIY your own invitations or thank you gifts for a few guests. If you enjoy crafting and personalizing your party, then a small wedding might be right for you. A larger wedding takes more planning and coordination, even if you have a wedding planner. With a smaller wedding, you can personalize every small detail and find unique venues that fit your vision.

How Big Is Your Circle?

If you have a big family and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, your only choice may be a larger wedding at a popular San Francisco wedding venue. If you’re hosting a smaller wedding, you will have to watch the guest list very close so you stay within the limits of your budget and venue. If you have a larger wedding, there are usually more hands to help out with decorations or other tasks.

What’s Your Budget?

With a smaller wedding, you can more easily watch your budget. If you’re hosting a large party, you may have to make some harsh decisions about what you serve and what types of entertainment you provide. Go big with a huge wedding celebration if that’s your vibe. Enjoy a smaller wedding if that’s your preference. Make your wedding fit into your lifestyle instead of forcing your personality to fit into a traditional wedding. Learn more about a yacht wedding when you contact us.

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