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Team Building Activities for Your Next San Francisco Corporate Event

Teams that work together effectively and productively don’t happen by accident. Teams learn to communicate better and get motivated through fun team building activities. Instead of the lame trust falls of the past, choose some interesting San Francisco experiences to bring team members together to bond.

Office Holiday Party Ideas – Team Building Activities

Escape Rooms

Take your team to an escape room or create your own escape room by giving your team a series of clues and puzzles to “open” the conference room. Give them a time limit. When they get out, they get to go to lunch on the company. For getting out in time, they can choose a nicer place to eat. If you do create your own room, make sure to think about safety and don’t really lock people in.

Community Service

Give your team a day off regular work to go out into the community to help a non-profit. Beach clean-ups are popular, but there are many places that could use some extra workers. Play with dogs at an animal shelter. Paint a room in someone’s home that needs sprucing up. Just do something different together to learn more about each other.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things to do outside the office around your area. Send teams into your community to gather items or take pictures of landmarks. Give the team a time limit to come back with as many as they can do. Give out prizes while everyone enjoys an afternoon treat and talks about their experiences.

Take a Cruise Together

Charter a yacht for a cruise. Although most people think of luxury yachts as San Francisco corporate event venues, getting out on the ocean for a work day can really boost the creativity of your team. The Bay Area has great views when you’re on the water. Our event planners can help plan a few activities to break the ice between team members. Include a nice meal prepared by our in-house chef as a nice reward for your team.  

The Best San Francisco Corporate Event Venues & Team Building Activities

Luxe Cruises and Events has many more great office holiday party ideas and team-building activities to get your team motivated for their next project.

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