Team Building and Corporate Events on the San Francisco Bay

Plan The Right San Francisco Corporate Event Venues & Activities

Corporate events and team-building activities don’t have to be dull and dry. You can make your team want to attend when you find the right event venues in San Francisco that are unique and engaging. The key to good corporate events is to make them feel not like work. Here’s why you should consider hosting your next team-building corporate event on a Luxe cruise.

It’s a Great Venue

There’s a wide variety of San Francisco corporate event venues. Hotels, museums and sports facilities all come to mind. A yacht may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s actually a memorable location that gives everyone a reason to come to the table. It won’t feel like the office. It will be refreshing. And everyone will be intrigued with the potential activities.

Luxe Cruises Have Professional Planners

Our event coordinators take care of all the details so you can engage with your team instead of having to manage caterers, activities, decorations and more. From office holiday party ideas to team-building challenges, our professionals can find unique activities that will create teamwork and fun. We take into account your culture, your team’s demographics and your goals.  

Great Food and Drinks

When you’re out on the ocean, it can enhance your senses. You want to serve a delicious, fulfilling meal that matches the scenery and fuels everyone for the day’s activities. Luxe Cruises has a wonderful team that offers up enticing plates of local delicacies that will make everyone feel like you really thought about what matters for a special team-building day.

Get Out in Nature

There’s something special about the ocean that refreshes the soul and renews the spirit. A team-building or corporate event on a yacht is a great way to show your appreciation for your team because the location is so unique.   The setting opens the door to different conversations than could be had at work. Enjoying nature together gives the opportunity to discuss experiences and build camaraderie in a way you won’t get in a hotel ballroom or meeting room.

Luxe Cruises and Events San Francisco Corporate Event Venues

Consider hosting your next team-building event on a Luxe Cruise.  We’ll help create a theme, put together a delightful menu and plan activities that bring your crew together. Ask us for more information.

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