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What You Need To Know About a Wedding on a Yacht

Recently engaged? Congratulations! If you’re not interested in having a traditional wedding and reception, you may want to consider something a bit more luxurious: a San Francisco Bay yacht charter. Not only will you be creating special memories you will cherish forever, you will be giving your guests the experience of a lifetime.   Planning a wedding on a yacht is, in many ways, like planning for a wedding on land. However, there are some extra challenges and considerations. From budget to wedding style to the number of guests, here are some things to think about when planning your yacht rental in the Bay Area.  

Consider These Factors for a Bay Area Yacht Charter

  • Capacity: The size of the yacht will directly impact the capacity of guests it can hold, but most can accommodate between 50 and 200 people or more. Knowing how many guests you want to invite will help greatly in selecting the ideal type and size of yacht.
  • Cost: There’s a wide range of prices when it comes to weddings on a yacht. Most yacht providers will work with each client to come up with the best experience according to budget. Cost will vary with number of guests, type and amount of food, and more. Your rate will typically include decorations, banquet, linens, wedding cake, and dance track.
  • Destination: Because yachts are sea faring vessels, they can go anywhere. Unlike traditional reception halls, you’re not restricted to one place. Think about where you want to celebrate this special day. Whether you choose Alameda, Oakland, Angel Island, Berkeley, Cavallo Cove, Redwood City, Tiburon or Sausalito, there are many ports of call to select from.

In the end, planning your wedding on a San Francisco bay yacht charter should be a fun, uplifting adventure! We can make that happen with our wedding package coordinators who can ensure a momentous occasion is had by all.    

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