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Planning a Corporate Event on a Bay Area Yacht Charter

Whether you’re planning a corporate holiday party or a teambuilding rewards event, a San Francisco Bay cruise makes a great venue. While our event coordinators take on the heavy lifting, like decorations, setup and cleanup, it makes our job easier when you come to us with a few things. Here’s what to know about planning a corporate event on a yacht.

Set the Theme and Date

Give yourself time to let all attendees get your event on their calendar by choosing a date a few weeks to months out. The larger the party, the more time you want to handle all the details. When you book the date, know how many people you’re planning to invite to find the right size yacht for your party. Set the theme, a retirement party, a launch party for a new product, or a holiday party. Our planners need that information to plan the essentials.

Create a Guest List

Although our event planners won’t need your guest list, it’s one of the few things we can’t handle. For your Bay Area yacht charter, you’ll want to check your guest list at least twice to make sure you don’t leave anyone out. Your event creates buzz, whether someone attends or not. Get people talking about your party by making sure you invite the right stakeholders and thinking about how they like to celebrate.

We Have Impressive Amenities

Even though you won’t be on land during your event, you’ll still have access to professional facilities, like meeting rooms with elegant furniture, Wi-Fi, premier drinks and food, and much more. We want everyone to feel comfortable so they can enjoy the event. Our staff takes care of you and your guests, so all you need to focus on are your guests.

The Best Event Venues in the Bay Area Plan Your Itinerary With Event Planners

Let the event planners help you coordinate drinks, a menu, entertainment and decorations to make your party fantastic. Our familiarity with the yacht’s routine combined with your ideas about your party makes us one of the best event venues in the Bay Area. Everyone will want to attend just for great views, but when they know they’re getting all the bells and whistles of a luxury party, your party will be the talk of your business.

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