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Getting Married at Sea: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is important to the overall theme of your day. One of the best wedding venues in the Bay Area is a luxury yacht where you and your party can enjoy the beautiful views of the Bay after the ceremony and during the reception. Getting married on a boat is romantic and elegant, but there are some things you may need to know.

What Should You Know About Luxe Bay Area Wedding Venues

Is There a Dress Code on the Yacht?

Our yachts are luxury yachts make great Bay Area wedding venues whether you want a casual event or dressy wedding. Your guests may want a sweater or jacket, especially in the evening when the temperatures can drop. When sending your invitations, let guests know the dress code and what they may want to bring.

Can the Captain Marry You?

At Luxe Cruises, our captains can perform vows. We also have a variety of vows that we can help you with. You can also use another format and your own officiant if you choose. Our event planners can help you plan the ceremony and reception.

Can Your Use Your Own Vendors?

Our team loves to work with outside vendors, but we also have many in-house resources. Our culinary team is amazing and provides seasonal menus that meet your guest’s needs. You can plan your wedding any time of day, so if you want a lunch or breakfast menu, we can adapt to make the food you want. We can also help plan your music and other activities to keep guests busy while the wedding party is taking pictures.

What Happens if a Guest Gets Seasick?

Sailing in the Bay is much different than sailing on the Ocean. The waters are calmer. Our ships are large and stable, which decreases the risk of getting seasick. We try to make your cruise serene and enjoyable. Looking at the horizon can stabilize the inner ear, so we encourage guests to stay topside for the scenery.

When Should You Book Your Wedding? Luxe Bay Area Wedding Venues

We book year-round, so you’ll want to get your date on our calendar as soon as possible. We need a deposit to hold your date. We have sailed when it’s raining, so don’t let the weather hold you back. Make Luxe Cruises one of the event venues in the Bay Area that you consider for your wedding because you’ll have a great time with a spectacular backdrop. You and your guests will always remember it.  

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