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Who Can Legally Act as an Officiant for Your Wedding on the Bay?

How Can You Tie The Knot Aboard the Best Wedding Venues in San Francisco?

Wedding officiants are a VIP at any wedding. When you’re choosing Bay Area wedding venues, you want to choose an officiant who will fit into the vibe of your wedding. Wondering who can serve as an officiant on a San Francisco yacht? Here’s what to know.

An Authorized Minister

California family code allows for a “priest, minister, rabbi, or authorized person of any religious denomination” to officiate at a wedding. The minister does not need to file credentials with any registry. There are a few organizations, such as the Universal Life Church and the American Marriage Ministries, that will ordain anyone for free. This allows these individuals to officiate at your wedding in California. If you don’t know anyone who might want to officiate, the best wedding venues in the Bay Area may have a list of ministers who are authorized to officiate at weddings.

Legal Deputization

Another option for a California marriage is to get the person “deputized” at the County Courthouse. This does cost $120 and takes scheduling, because the times to get deputized are limited. The process takes about 30 minutes. There are some requirements. The person does need to be at least 18 years and be fluent in English. However, the person does not need to be a California resident.

Getting Married at Sea

Although it’s long been a trope in movies, a Captain at sea cannot automatically marry a couple. In California, that Captain must be a legally recognized “officiant,” a judge or minister in his own right. At Luxe Cruises, we can provide a captain who can marry you.

What Are the Officiant’s Official Duties?  

The officiant leads the marriage ceremony. Officially, the officiant must have the wedding’s couple consent that they take each other as spouses. Following the ceremony, the officiant makes sure that marriage license is signed by the couple, witnesses, and the officiant. Then, the marriage license must be returned to the issuing county to be formalized with the authorities.

Luxe Cruises – Best Wedding Venues in San Francisco

When you’re looking for the best wedding venues in San Francisco, think of Luxe Cruises and Events. Your marriage ceremony and reception would be awesome with the Bay Area views from the deck of a yacht.

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